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This Just In...

I can't spell. Seriously. It turns out that having a baby plants a little "erase all" bug in your head and makes it impossible to spell, add 2+2, hold an intelligent conversation, or remember your name half of the time. I have put my wonderful husband on brain duty as a vouchsafe for my stupidity and yet again he saved me. I made a rather mortifying error in my first post (mortifying only because any English major should know better and if you don't know what it was, I'm not saying a word) and being the fabulous person that he is, he told me as soon as he got home. 
Though I am already starting to regret sharing this, I feel that I have to mention the worst of the spelling mishaps to relate the severity of the situation. For our family night activity last week we decided to play my favorite game: Scrabble. I love it! Mostly because I am the champion of champions and I always kick trash. However, having not played since I had Everett, I was in for a shock. Scrabble doesn't go well when you can't spell. Who knew? Not only did Bryce win by 99 points, but I tried to spell the word "socks" with an x. I wish I could say that I was trying to pass it off as a proper noun, but I wasn't. Painful. At least we had a good laugh at it when I realized what I was doing; however, it has given me a new goal. I have to do three intellectually taxing things a day until I can at least function on half mast instead of maybe 1/33 mast. 
Oh brain, where have you gone? 


Shannon said...

Mikie did the same thing for me on my first post! Just to warn you...it doesn't get much better. I think the more kids you have, the less brain cells survive. Alas.

P.S. Congratulations on figuring out the blog all by yourself! I had to have Devin do it for me. =)

Connie said...

Oh, I love your posts, Haley girl, and I'm so glad you are doing this! If you ever want to feel REALLY good about yourself, you could play Scrabble with me... :) Love you and miss you and am cheering loudly about this blog!! Woohooo!

Britt Riggin said...

So I'm pretty sure when a baby develops its brain it doesn't use the whole cell splitting process, but rather just takes cells straight from mommy's brain. yeah. pretty sure that's what happens.

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