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Maybe the scariest Halloween Little will ever have

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays (just behind St. Patty's Day). As it turns out, it is even more fun with Little. Seriously. We have had so much fun. It started with us roping Bryce into carving pumpkins with us (a tradition that I was going to let him forgo now that Little is interested in partying with me, but when he offered I couldn't refuse). It turns out Bryce is a master pumpkin carver. I totally cheated and used a sketch for mine, but he decided to make his law school appropriate. "Nemo Dat" has been an inside joke for us for a while now because he came home and tried to explain it to me one day--the full term means roughly: no one can give what he doesn't have--but as so many things about law do, it went right over my head and the only thing that stuck was "Nemo Dat." I thought it sounded rather gangsta and so have adopted it as my pet phrase and when he starts going over my head I assume my best gangsta stance and claim "Nemo Dat." Anyway... the point is that pumpkining was a blast and our house is properly festive. 
Our ward Halloween party was fantastic. Chili enough for an army, costumes, games, and trick-or-treating. Great fun. The best part for me was how Little's costume turned out. We've been planning on making him Richard Simmons for a long time (who could help it with that fabulous head of hair?), mostly because we can do it to him now and he won't be able to complain/refuse/remember what we subjected him to. It took us a while to figure out how to make it all work, but after some creative sewing and quite a bit of coercion to get Little to keep the headband on, the masterpiece was complete. Not entirely complete as I guess he was missing a fake tan and chest hair, but we did what we could. 
The crowning even of the night: Little man lifting weights with our friend. Hilarious. 

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