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Something important... wait, no... just more projects

I know I've been posting a lot lately, but I had to post just one more. Mostly because I finally got around to starting my teeny tiny little minuscule herb garden. I've always wanted a garden, despite the fact that I have no gardening skills and could probably manage to kill any potted plant in a 2 miles radius by wanting it to grow badly enough. However, it is one of the goals on my never ending list, so I figure, you have to start somewhere. I had planned to do a full blown garden this year (but figuring out how to get a plot from the housing people turned out to be way more complicated than it was worth), and then it turned into a hanging/half-hearted garden (but I couldn't find an old screen door/window/anything workable to do this:  http://c497280.r80.cf2.rackcdn.com/2012/03/screen-door-plant-rack-cg.jpg), and then I thought it might be better to start small, so it turned into a simple herb garden which in my dreams will look like this: 

but actually looks like this at the moment:
Here's hoping. 
Needless to say, any gardening tips would be most helpful. 

Also... As a result of living in an apartment the size of a shoe box (not to mention our non-existent budget) we've been forced to find some rather creative storage solutions. The latest creation is this lovely hanging book storage system. Next time I think I'll hang them a little differently, but other than that, I'm please as punch. It also made me feel more than slightly triumphant that out of a some scrap pieces of fabric and a few dowel rods I created the perfect book solution and simultaneous solved the disaster that is Little's room. 

New additions to the family

Meet, Mr. Dorsy (as in dorsal fin). His full name of course being Finswilliam Dorsy, but Mr. Dorsy until we get on a first name basis. Due to our (read: my) naming obsession, he has changed names a few times from Erroll Fynn to Gil Scarlet and I wanted to name him Phineas or Gilderoy again, but we decided to do something we haven't before. The final decision on a name was made when Bryce came up with the perfect fish/frog duo. We haven't added a frog yet, but it is inevitable because they are so fun to watch. When we do, the frog will be Wickham. I'm so pleased. 
Little loves him. I put a stool up so that he can come say "hello" any time and I am constantly grilled on the current fish status, "Fishy eating?" "Fishy sleeping? Shhh!" "Fishy swimming?" We watch his every move. Poor fish. 

Our second addition is a bit larger, but not lacking in personality thanks to a little paint and wood glue. This was it from beginning...

...to end.
I'm quite pleased. It was outside of our dumpster and Bryce has never liked our desk, so I thought... Why not? It probably shouldn't have been worth it, but with a few days of loving it back to health, I am a big fan. You can't tell as much in the picture, but it is indeed red, and I have ALWAYS wanted a red desk so of course I love it. (And no, though it goes against tradition in our family, we are not planning on naming the desk... Though I was sorely tempted)

The happenings of late

We have had fantastic weather and man alive! I was definitely ready for it. It has inspired all sorts of spring cleaning and projects, making our house a semi-disaster until I can get it all put back together, but my men are great and they put up with all my messes without complaint. 

Little and I left Bryce to study and headed up to visit my sisters this week. We had a blast. Lots of hugs, laughs, the zoo, the beach, and an Easter egg hunt which has made Little man haul around a basket with him and collect everything in the house until it is full, and then disperse them again. The words "It's hiding Mommy!" strike fear into my heart. Little spent the whole time there asking, "Where's Daddio?" and the last few days at home asking, "Where's the baby?" (meaning his cousin that is only a few months younger than himself). All-in-all it was so fun to be there and see my sisters and their families and just have a break from life for a while. 
Easter was a casual affair for us this time around. Pizza bunnies and deviled eggs replacing anything fancy. However, Bryce picked up the slack and surprised us with an Easter basket and flowers. This from a man who hates holiday shenanigans, but he knew I wouldn't have time and so he made sure we had all the necessaries. That is love. We got to spend the day relaxing and just being grateful for life and for family and for the Savior who makes all this happiness possible.

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