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Apprenticed to a pirate

We have a cute little cartoon pirate picture up on Little's wall and it doesn't come up often, but it has apparently made an impression. We were sitting in his room reading scriptures the other day when he suddenly points to the picture and says clear as can be, "Pirate! YAR!" I about fell over with laughter. Neither of us having explicitly taught him such a thing, Bryce and I figure that he was born to be piratical and have decided we should do our best to find him a suitable pirate name. And yes, we do spend far too much of our time deciding what our names would be if we had alternate personalities (ex: mobster names, cowboy names, viking names, etc.). In short, we are ridiculous. We both have pirate names already, but we're taking suggestions for his. So if you have any good pirate names, send them our way mateys. 

Also... We found this generate your pirate name website: http://www.piratequiz.com/. If you have a few minutes, you should try it. Bryce's was "Filthy Jim Jones." Fantastic. Everett's were "Clive the Bald" or "Mad Roger Bonney"... we're still not sold on either of his, but we're thinking of changing Bryce's. 

Without further ado... Christmas!

Hooray for Christmas! And double hooray for finally getting around to blogging about it. The long and short of it is that we made it to Bryce's parents house relatively unscathed. Little was a trooper there and back. Seriously... amazing. All my panicking was for naught (as usual) and after 14-15 hours of travel Little was still happy as a clam. There were a few breakdowns, but at what was 2:00 AM for us he got his 56th wind and was bouncing around the house like a crazy nut and loving everyone and everything. The loving everything and everyone is still going strong, and sometimes the crazy nut, but for the most part it has settled down.

Christmas was a blast. Little has never been so cute in his life. He loved all of his gifts and provided entertainment for all. He loved the packaging almost as much as his gifts and there are few times I have laughed so hard as when he started smooching people through plastic. Needless to say, he had a blast and so did we.
We got to hang out with Great Grandma Lowder (who Little adores--all she has to do is enter the room and he starts giggling), went caroling, watched plenty of football, ate great food, spent lots of good time with family, all-in-all a perfect Christmas.
We took a trip to the city with the whole family where Little refused to release his aunty's hand even while in the stroller. Turns out a stroll down the pier, delicious doughnuts, sea lions, pooping pigeons, and some serious Ghirardelli hot chocolate, followed by a good football game makes for a perfect day.
We also went to the zoo with Grandpa and had a blast. Munching penguins, chasing birds, petting goats, could life get any better? Little was exhausted by the time we were done, but he was a trooper and he had so so much fun. We also got to take a picture in front of the self same storks we posed in front of when I was pregnant with Little. Things have definitely changed since then.
So there is Christmas in a nutshell. Family and fun. We're glad to be home, but so so sad to leave. We're already doing our best to con them into visiting us though, so hopefully we'll see everyone soon. 
Also, as a bonus. Here is Little's new trick: 

Love in my heart

It may seem silly to dedicate an entire post to a suitcase, but once you see her, you'll understand. Meet Vivian, our new addition to the family:

The long and short of it is, having underestimated all the stuff we'd have to bring home from Christmas, we were looking into buying a new suitcase when Bryce's dad suggested that we go look out in their shed and see if any of their old suitcases would work for our purposes. So, Bryce braved the spiders and potential rodents of the shed* and brought eight-or-so suitcases out for inspection. We picked a couple that looked like they would work and I set about cleaning them while he went back to the shed to check for more. And then... He emerged from the shed with Vivian in his arms. It was love at first sight. We cleaned, named, and adopted her at once--and by we I mean me, but Bryce put up with my shenanigans, so he is culpable. 
A bit ridiculous? Definitely. Best piece of luggage ever? Absolutely.

(Christmas post still to follow. I promise.)

*Which truthfully wasn't as guck as it sounds because the exterminator takes care of anything that could truly be scary, but all the same...

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