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Love in my heart

It may seem silly to dedicate an entire post to a suitcase, but once you see her, you'll understand. Meet Vivian, our new addition to the family:

The long and short of it is, having underestimated all the stuff we'd have to bring home from Christmas, we were looking into buying a new suitcase when Bryce's dad suggested that we go look out in their shed and see if any of their old suitcases would work for our purposes. So, Bryce braved the spiders and potential rodents of the shed* and brought eight-or-so suitcases out for inspection. We picked a couple that looked like they would work and I set about cleaning them while he went back to the shed to check for more. And then... He emerged from the shed with Vivian in his arms. It was love at first sight. We cleaned, named, and adopted her at once--and by we I mean me, but Bryce put up with my shenanigans, so he is culpable. 
A bit ridiculous? Definitely. Best piece of luggage ever? Absolutely.

(Christmas post still to follow. I promise.)

*Which truthfully wasn't as guck as it sounds because the exterminator takes care of anything that could truly be scary, but all the same...


LJ said...

I saw this picture on Facebook and thought, "Okay, there's gotta be a story behind that boss suitcase."

This is how I felt about my little tiny red suitcase my mom gave me. Jake accidentally annihilated it with firecrackers one 24th of July when I was out of town. I would be using that little suitcase to this day if that wasn't the case.

HaleyL said...

HAHAHA!! The fact that Jake blew up your suitcase is maybe the funniest thing I've ever heard. Bryce promised he wouldn't do that to this one. =)

Connie said...

Oh my goodness, now I remember Vivian! That was my college suitcase! Yes, in very deed, she accompanied me to BYU and to Cripple Creek, and into my marriage and to all points in between! I am so glad you love her....obviously my affection went the way of all the fickle earth, so can I just tell you how THRILLED I am that you love her so???? Take the torch, my darling, the Vivian torch, and may she live up to all the accolades you have heaped upon her....(LJ called her "boss"...why, why, why does that please me so???) :)

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