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Apprenticed to a pirate

We have a cute little cartoon pirate picture up on Little's wall and it doesn't come up often, but it has apparently made an impression. We were sitting in his room reading scriptures the other day when he suddenly points to the picture and says clear as can be, "Pirate! YAR!" I about fell over with laughter. Neither of us having explicitly taught him such a thing, Bryce and I figure that he was born to be piratical and have decided we should do our best to find him a suitable pirate name. And yes, we do spend far too much of our time deciding what our names would be if we had alternate personalities (ex: mobster names, cowboy names, viking names, etc.). In short, we are ridiculous. We both have pirate names already, but we're taking suggestions for his. So if you have any good pirate names, send them our way mateys. 

Also... We found this generate your pirate name website: http://www.piratequiz.com/. If you have a few minutes, you should try it. Bryce's was "Filthy Jim Jones." Fantastic. Everett's were "Clive the Bald" or "Mad Roger Bonney"... we're still not sold on either of his, but we're thinking of changing Bryce's. 


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