Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing—Benjamin Franklin

Out of his depth

Being married to Bryce has made me very aware that there are so many simple things I take for granted. The latest? Depth perception. Normally Bryce functions just like everyone, but sometimes he'll do something odd, or make a comment that makes me realize just how many adjustments he has to make for his absent eye.

The other night we are sitting in bed chatting about everything and nothing and he says to me, 
   "Man! I totally miss having a back scrubber."
   "What do you mean?" I ask, "You have one hanging in the shower."
   "Remember," I say utterly confused, "I bought you one for you a while back."
   Pause of confusion before he says, "Wait... Is it clear?"
And we immediately bust up laughing because, as it is indeed a clear back scrubber and because of his lack of depth perception (not helped by the lack of glasses), he can't see it at all in the shower. So for a number of months now it has been sitting in the shower completely camouflaged for my dear husband. 

Kamakazi writing

I wrote about this last year, but didn't end up doing anything about it. The idea is to write 50,000 words of a novel from scratch in the month of November. I've made excuse after excuse--some legitimate, some desperate, some completely unnecessary--as to why not to participate in this and it occurred to me this year that I am ridiculous. When in my life am I ever going to have time, or have patience, or not have a million other reasons why I shouldn't be doing this? So... over the next month I'm going to go even more insane than I already am, but won't it be fun? To be honest, I've decided to pseudo cheat and use an idea I already have, but it is a bare bones outline at best, so I'm not feeling too cheater-pants-ish. I'm also fairly certain there is no way on earth I'm going to make it to 50,000 words, but...Thirty days and nights of literary abandon here we come!

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