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In which Bryce's diet takes a turn for the worse

This morning, Little and I sneaked into our bedroom to ask if Bryce was ready to get up or not and found a few bright blue earplugs (life savers for him when sharing a room with Little) strewn about the room. I vaguely wondered at this as we pussy-footed through the room, but when we got to the bed my curiosity was piqued. Sitting next to Bryce on the bed was an ear plug that looked as though it had been eaten by either a dog, or a very thorough rodent, and short of said dog shimmying silently through the second floor window and back out again, there was no way to get into the room, thus creating the mystery. I picked it up and looked at it for a minute before Bryce said in his groggy half awake voice, "I ate my earplug."

I was dying laughing as he explained that sometime during the night his subconscious self had plopped the earplug into his mouth and he had been chewing it all night. When he woke up the morning spitting out bits of bright blue rubbery foam, it was quite the shock. I think law school has brought his sleep antics to a whole new level.
(Christmas post to follow) 


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