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New additions to the family

Meet, Mr. Dorsy (as in dorsal fin). His full name of course being Finswilliam Dorsy, but Mr. Dorsy until we get on a first name basis. Due to our (read: my) naming obsession, he has changed names a few times from Erroll Fynn to Gil Scarlet and I wanted to name him Phineas or Gilderoy again, but we decided to do something we haven't before. The final decision on a name was made when Bryce came up with the perfect fish/frog duo. We haven't added a frog yet, but it is inevitable because they are so fun to watch. When we do, the frog will be Wickham. I'm so pleased. 
Little loves him. I put a stool up so that he can come say "hello" any time and I am constantly grilled on the current fish status, "Fishy eating?" "Fishy sleeping? Shhh!" "Fishy swimming?" We watch his every move. Poor fish. 

Our second addition is a bit larger, but not lacking in personality thanks to a little paint and wood glue. This was it from beginning...

...to end.
I'm quite pleased. It was outside of our dumpster and Bryce has never liked our desk, so I thought... Why not? It probably shouldn't have been worth it, but with a few days of loving it back to health, I am a big fan. You can't tell as much in the picture, but it is indeed red, and I have ALWAYS wanted a red desk so of course I love it. (And no, though it goes against tradition in our family, we are not planning on naming the desk... Though I was sorely tempted)


hosander said...

lovely desk job. your ambitions are far exceeding my own.

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