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The Great Bonk of 2010

We survived our first little bonk. And by “little bonk” I mean “Oh my LANDS! I let my child get a black eye.” I submit that there are few things to make you feel like a worse mom than to have your Little’s eye swollen and every hue of purple and know it was because you weren’t quick enough on the draw. All told it barely even counts as a black eye and Little’s being a trooper about it. He barely even notices it is there unless he sneezes or rubs his tired eyes. That doesn’t stop me from wanting to cry every time I look at it though. I’m sure this will be the first bonk of many as he learns how to get around a bit better and I’m sure I’m in for much worse bonks, but I’m already not a big fan of bonks.  


Bonnie said...

Oh no! But if it is any consolation, it happens to the best of moms and every little boy!

hosander said...

I am dreading our first trip to the ER. Thinking about stitches gives me the jibblies.

Laurie said...

I totally put a photo in our wedding slide show of me sporting a really excellent shiner. I was like 9 months old.

Also, I've had surprisingly few black eyes in my life considering how clumsy I am.

Connie said...

I can still (shudder) hear the sickening "bonk" of Shelli hitting the hard wood floor as an infant. Who knew she could roll over??? She was asleep on our bed, and I had even rolled blankets up and placed them around her, "just in case..." So how that ever happened is still a mystery to me. It still makes me sick to my stomach to think of it! Haley, you have a little boy, and a little Lowder boy at that,so....basically you are doomed. ;)

Shannon said...

Just wait for the first time you have to call Poison Control because your kids has eaten deodorant. Or the first time they pass out because they are crying so hard they forget to breath...good times.

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