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Green Beans and Other Horrid Things

Maybe this makes me a bad mother, but I love to watch Little eat green beans. Why does this make me a bad mother? you ask. Because he hates them. Absolutely loathes them and I find that there is nothing funnier than watching him consume every last bite. This probably sets my little man apart from other babies, but when he doesn’t like a food he doesn’t just refuse to eat it. No, no. I can pretty much get him to eat anything, anytime, anywhere. The way that I can tell the extent of his feelings for the dreaded green bean is because while eating them my sweet tempered little man turns into a monster. Angry faces, growling, gnashing of teeth (well, the two of them that he has anyway), the works. From the moment the first mush of green beans hits his tongue his face contorts (eyebrows knit, eyes narrow, mouth sets) and he begins growling. Now this isn’t terribly unusual as he growls at everything these days whether he is happy or sad, but this growl is an entirely different monster. He barely opens his mouth and lets this tiny growl start in the back of his throat and keeps it ever so quietly going all the way through the green bean atrocities. No matter how much I laugh or how many faces I make to try to break his concentration, the growl never stops and the face is firmly in place until the very last bite has left his mouth. When the torture finally ends (either he has finished all the beans or I give in and let him have something different), he immediately relaxes his face and goes back to being my smiling happy Little. And usually there is a laugh that accompanies it; I translate it as a sort of triumphant guffaw.
So maybe this makes me a bad mom, but I just want to feed him green beans for every meal. What did I do for entertainment before I had him?
This is the relief after being rescued from the green beans. 


Shelli said...

Oh my heck, you guys ... how is it possible that he is even CUTER than the last time I saw him? What a darling, DARLING child you begat! :)

Bryce said...

I see more of Haley in him in this picture than in any other picture we've ever taken.

That must be why he's so stinkin' cute. :)

Connie said...

I see a lot of Haley, too! He's just too adorable for words....and the green bean reaction almost killed me!!!! :)

Shannon said...

My kids wouldn't open their mouths for anything green or vegetable related. I, a grown woman, literally could not pry their mouths open. Needless to say, I threw away a rather good stash of wasted baby food. Stubborn offspring.

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