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It's Not Lazy... It's Energy Efficient

Things that make me chuckle: people using the handicapped button when they don't have to. More accurately, the lengths people will go to use it. I watched a woman (nothing in her hands) take 4 steps out of her way, 4 steps back, wait 5 seconds to watch the door open, just so she didn't have to raise her arm and pull. When you get to the point where it takes more effort to make the door open automatically than it would manually, doesn’t it sort of defeat the purpose? It seems now-a-days that we might put more effort into our laziness than we do to just do it the “hard way.”


Bonnie said...

Haley, I am loving your blog already. Very clever and fun. Love the look, the layout, the post-it type notes. Very cool. I really love the B. Franklin quote and how just perfectly applies to why people should do a blog, get a life, etc.

You go, girl, this is great! Oh, and have I mentioned lately, Everett is beyond adorable? And we miss you!

Mikie said...

My children would be some of your chief offenders. I continue to explain to them that we are not handicapped, but the joy of watching a door magically swing open seems too great a temptation. And I must admit, while a stroller was along for an outing, the handicapped button was my best friend.

HaleyL said...

Children are exempt as it is all for the excitement of the button. =) As are mothers and people with things in their hands. In fact pretty much everyone is exempt if they have a good reason. The thing that I thought was so funny was the fact that she went so out of her way to push the button. Although, Bryce pointed out that she may have just been a bit of a germaphobe, which would make perfect sense.
Also... I don't know if it is like this where you are, but there is a serious lack of handicap buttons and automatic doors in all of the stores where we are. Strange.

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