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Quoth the Raven

I think someone has laid a curse on our apartment. We have what looks to be an enchanted wood in the back of our apartment complex so that is helpful. However, the main factor is that there is a raven that has taken up residence at our little section of the complex, and I don’t just mean hanging out in the trees or on the fences. I mean perched on the railings of my front steps or pacing the wall two feet from the door. When someone comes in or out he relocates to looking ominously from the roof top, but most of the time he is nearby which of course leads to one conclusion: our little section of the complex has been cursed.
Incidentally, Bryce just informed me that Edgar Allen Poe attended the University of Virginia for a brief stint. We’ve decided it’s his raven. 


Britt Riggin said...

Oh my dear, alas, it isn't your complex that's cursed, but you. You may recall the swooping sparrows of '08. Or the suicidal deer of that same year.

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