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Remember how I'm a super hero?

First of all, for your viewing pleasure our little GIRL! We found out today and we couldn't be more happy. Hooray! For dresses and headbands. And double hooray for being psychic.

I keep joking with Bryce that the reason I am having such a hard time with this pregnancy is because I'm secretly a super hero and so is the baby. Growing another super hero is hard work. Bryce just thinks that means the baby is my Kryptonite, but here's hoping that isn't the case.
Let me explain why I'm a super hero. Not only am I already Bionic Woman--which turns out is a really lame ability--but I am psychic. Which is awesome.
I had an experience about seven or eight months ago that made us a little nervous because we thought for a bit that it meant we might have twins in our future, but all I really knew was that we needed to be prepared for two. Thankfully--I can't express just how thankfully--a bit after we found that we were expecting, we also found out that my sister is expecting. Her original due date? March 24th. The day before ours. Awesome. So, even though the two babies are not both ours, we definitely have to prepare for two because with my sister's due date being so close to mine there is no way on earth my mom will be able to be there for both. I'm confident that it will all go smoothly, but it will definitely take some more preparation.
Item number two on the list of why-I-am-psychic: I knew we were having a girl. Not confident enough to announce it or anything, but I was pretty sure. When it was first pronounced I was having a girl I was even more sure. And now it's official.
As much as I joke about this meaning I'm psychic, I am more than sure it really means that I have a Heavenly Father who knows and loves me. He knows that I am a planner and in order to feel under control in the slightest, I need to have more than nine months of warning about some things. I can't say how grateful that makes me.


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