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Its highness gets an inspection

Bryce and I went on our first real date in what seems like a year yesterday. We just headed downtown, stopped at an ice cream place, and then walked around and talked. Fantastic date. Made even more fantastic by a wonderful Tibetan woman (we're not positive she was actually Tibetan, but from what we could deduce, it seems more than likely) who was selling scarves/hats/trinkets outside of the mall. She asked if I was pregnant and when I told her I was and how far along she said, "Come to me." So I went inside her little booth and she started to feel all around my belly, then turned me around so that she could feel my hips and bottom, turned me around again and pronounced, "This baby girl." So fun.
Bryce and I decided that we definitely have to go back and buy a scarf from her if the ultrasound confirms it.


Torrey said...

Dad here.
Trying to get my head around a stranger feeling Haley's belly, hips . . . . and bottom. You should have received a free scarf. :)
I love your blogs, even if I hardly ever . . . or almost never . . . comment. Actually, I just tried to "publish" the comment and failed miserably. We'll see if I eventually figure out how to do this. :)

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