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I am a super hero.

And not the cool kind.
I've been absent for a while, mostly because I've been so occupied with our dear Blueberry's antics that I haven't had much time for anything else. I keep thinking I will be turning a corner soon. Hasn't happened yet, but it has lightened up a bit so maybe said corner will come into view sooner than later.
However, being this sick has turned out to be one of the more entertaining--albeit ridiculous--things of my life. I keep telling Bryce that this may not be the best period of life, but it is certainly the one with the most stories so far. For example, I have never in my life known that sounds could make you sick. Turns out Blueberry has a problem with all sorts of them: the shower, sippy cups, and the funniest of them all, the sound of a soda can popping. Seriously, Bryce has to leave the house if he wants to drink soda. Maybe I'm the Bionic Woman or something, or I guess maybe I'm giving birth to the Bionic Woman, but either way it makes life a little unpredictable.
Bryce has taken to calling the baby "Its Highness" because it doesn't seem to want anything until it really really really wants it and then all bets are off until it gets it. I never thought I'd be one of those, "Honey! I need pickles and strawberries NOW!" pregnant women, but it turns out that sometimes there are simply no other options. I used to try to tough the cravings out, but Bryce being the amazing man that he is doesn't let me do that anymore and flies out the door at my every whim just because it is so rare for me to actually want to eat something. I cannot shout his praises enough.  
Little has been a trooper through all of this too. He is very conscious of my needs and in his mind it is a cardinal sin even on my good days not to have a "gooka bucket"--as he calls any of my many emergency buckets I keep throughout the house--near me at all times. He's also taken to comforting me when I am in the throes of baby sickness, only I use the term "comforting" very loosely. Basically, I end up over a bucket and he ends up crawling up my back and holding on like a monkey (choking optional) or riding the "mommy horsey" until I am done with the "gookas." A bit uncomfortable, but it makes me want to laugh more than cry, so I'm counting it as a win.
Little prays for the baby every night (he can almost say a prayer all by himself now, which we are so so proud of him for) and rubs my tummy with a "Hi, baby!" and the occasional kiss thrown in. I'm excited to see him when the baby actually comes. He's going to be a great big brother. We had a conversation the other day about the baby being safe in my tummy (he was afraid the baby was going to fall out) and he has decided--no matter how many times I tell him different--that the baby must be in a carseat inside of my tummy.
I've started feeling little flutterings down there, but the first time I felt the baby it was a bigger movement and it about scared me to death. I forgot what it feels like and I was leaning over when it happened so it made me yelp. I'm pretty sure Bryce thought I was crazy for a moment, but we laughed about it later.
So the point of all this is to say that we are still alive and kicking (for the most part).


LJ said...

That photo made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Bless that fun Everett friend.

Torrey said...

This is Mom....not "Torrey" but I cannot seem to comment under my own name for some odd reason. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I LOVED this priceless post so much!!! It made me laugh, it made me want to cry, and it made me love you even more. If that is even possible. :) Thanks for sharing, Haley girl, and I agree with LJ--that photo is just absolute BEST!!!! Love to all of you!

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