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Little and the cuteness thereof

I feel as though Little is growing up so fast I can hardly keep track of all the fun stuff he does. Our favorite lately is that he loves to sing. His favorite song at the moment is "the blackbirdy song" a.k.a. Blackbird by the Beatles and he's actually surprisingly good. We have yet to get him singing it as he somehow knows exactly when the camera is on and refuses to sing for the most part. However, we did manage to get the pirate song. (Please ignore the messy house in the background. I blame it on a fantastically awesome sanity saving package coming from Grandma Lowder and Little not wanting to put any of it away. Ever. Not even the packaging.)

He also does a rather exciting rendition of Little Bunny Foo Foo (complete with bopping on the head), but sadly that has yet to be captured on video in its full glory.
My other favorite thing that he does is when I ask him to do anything lately he responds, "I'd love to!" He's just such a cheerful and loving soul. The only plus side to Its Highness's antics (other than getting to hold a sweet baby at the end of nine months) is that I get all the snuggles and love a person could ask for from my little man.

Now that we're feeling a bit better, we've also resumed our yoga and I forgot just how fun/complicated it gets doing it with Little. He gets pretty creative with some of the poses. (For the record, the headband is always his idea).

And since this is just going to be a post about how cute Little is, I had to add one more video. We have discovered that when he is refusing to eat, if we turn it into a game of "how would (fill-in-the-blank) animal eat?" we can almost always get him to start eating again. Hooray! for knowing every sound under the sun.


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