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War does not determine who is right - only who is left. - Bertrand Russell

Apparently every animal that has taken to dwelling at our house feels as though they need to get a girlfriend. Not only does Poe officially have a girlfriend (we’ve named her Elmira in honor of Edgar Allan Poe’s actual fiancĂ© while he was at the University of Virginia), but now Boris—our resident terrorist squirrel—has a girlfriend as well. She will hence forth be name Natasha. Natasha and Boris are apparently building their own rodent condo in our walls because quite frankly, the racket they make is astonishing. Things dropping down the vents and into the closet, jumping and scampering all day long, banging on the walls… once Boris even stuck his tail down the vent as if taunting me.

This is officially war. Don't get me wrong, I love squirrels. I do. Really. But I want them outside, not living in the walls/vents/closets of my house. There are some very beautiful and wonderfully vacant trees directly outside of our house. Therefore, I repeat: This is war. Silly little squirrel... I'm bigger, and smarter, and have opposable thumbs. Victory will be mine! And by “victory will be mine” I really mean that the exterminator is supposed to make an appearance again today, so hopefully we’ll be rid of our little house guests soon. 


Connie said...

Hey....do you still have that stuffed squirrel that we "gifted" you at the cottage? You could quite possibly lure Boris away with that...perhaps he would find her interesting enough to leave the premises to either court her or run away in fear from her.....Hmmmmmmm. Or not. :)
I'm trying to help here, but obviously I've got nothin'... :)

HaleyL said...

I like it! Suduction.... maybe we'll have to stuff her up the vent. It is definitely a worthy cause.

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