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The "Supposed to be Dead"

As a side note to the previous post—not that it technically has anything to do with it, but I was reminded of it and feel that it deserves mention—once while my sister and I were talking she brought up her confusion at the title “Undead” for vampires and the like. Begging the question: “Shouldn’t they be the ‘Supposed to be dead’?” as we are all technically “undead.” I think about that every time someone mentions anything having to do with the undead—which unfortunately is way too often lately. Thank you Stephanie Meyer.


Shannon said...

I have serious issues with this terminology! I'm half tempted to introduce an entire chat room (do they have those anymore?) dedicated to this very topic. Can you see how it distresses me so? I am alive, therefor undead...why do vampires and zombies, who are half way on the way out, get to claim that title all to themselves. The injustice of it all!

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