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Getting Ready for School

I turned around this morning to find Bryce doing this: 

(Please note the mischievous smile on Bryce's face)
Lest you be doubting your eyes, that is indeed Bryce stuffing Little into a backpack. Why was he doing this? you ask. Heaven only knows. 
Either way, Little didn't seem to mind. As long as he could keep chewing the strap he was perfectly content. 

Until he was ready to get out and couldn't quite crawl away. Even then, he doesn't seem terribly perturbed does he?


Connie said...

Oh, sooooo cute!!! You have the cutest boys in the world, Haley girl! :) Thanks for sharing this darling post! Love you!!!!

Shannon said...

I love his outfit!

Mom brought suitcases over for us to fill on our last road trip (because they fit in the motorhome cubbies), and what did my kids do? "Grandma, Grandma! Will you open it for me?" They both had to have their own bag in which to crawl in and zip themselves up in. I guess that's one way to pack sensibly.

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