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Watching our language

I was reading somewhere about how to help your child not pick up swearing if he hears it (not that Bryce and I have foul mouths or anything, but it was an interesting article). One of the suggestions was every time an inappropriate word is said, use a ridiculous word to replace it in a memorable way. Ex: If someone swears yell, "ZAFTIG!" as loud and over the top as you possibly can. That way the child will remember the word "zaftig" instead of whatever bad word was said. Bryce and I may or may not have been using this as an excuse to yell silly words whenever one of our blacklisted words (stupid, freakin, etc.) slips out. Whether it is being used for the intended purpose or no, it turns out it's a lot of fun.


Connie said...

This made me laugh out loud...repeatedly. I think it was quite possibly just imagining you guys yelling things out like that. Who would do such a silly, silly thing....oh wait. I think I know.....

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