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The latest and greatest

Ok... so perhaps it is not the greatest, but let me explain why I'm so proud of this little cake: It started as a disaster. I kid you not. By the time Bryce came home my hands were dyed pink, I had been forced to change my clothes twice and Little's three times, there was frosting all over the kitchen from not one but two exploding containers and spewing bowl, cake scraps were everywhere from the oven to the counter from several overflowing cake pans... The list could go on for hours. Seriously. I should have taken before and after pictures. When I got it out of the oven it looked something akin to a science project gone horrifically wrong so I tried to cut it and frost it and fix the problem and I thought it was working up until the bright pink frosting started exploding across my kitchen and all over the newly frosted cake. I was about the bag the whole thing--which would have been something of a tragedy because it turns out from scratch red velvet cake is amazingly tasty--when I came up with a few brilliant solutions and figured out how to hide the poor cake's true nature for the most part, and this was the result. I'm so proud. And no, it's not the most fantastic cake there has ever been, but from where it started... it is pretty much a miracle.


Stephanie said...

it looks great, i want to eat it. and i am glad you made it work!

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