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Little's improving communication skills (AKA: the constant battle of wills)

Little is getting more and more talkative by the day. I am overjoyed. It means that we are a lot more productive and we laugh a whole lot more at what goes on inside the little man's head, but it also means I get ordered around... a lot. 
    He insists on choosing his own shoes and cannot be convinced that other shoes would be better no matter what. So much so, that I have taken to asking him about his shoes and then choosing his outfit to match. 
    The other day I apparently took too much time getting him cleaned up from dinner because when I finally released him into the wild he said, and I quote: "Hooray! I'm free!" and bounded off to play with his toys. 
    Instead of asking for help, he roams around the house saying, "Hmmmm... Hmmmm..." as if he is puzzling out the mysteries of the universe, until you ask him what he needs and then he leads you right to whatever he wants. 
    He'll use the potty, but only if it is on his own terms. He in fact drags his potty out of the bathroom so that it is in the proper place, and then maybe only once a week. I'm undecided whether to actually pursue legitimate potty training yet or not.
    He is still as obedient as ever, but now everything is a game and boy does he like to test the limits. If I tell him not to do something, he'll find his way around it faster than I can blink so I have to be very specific as to my instructions, which is definite proof that he is indeed his father's child. 
    He is a prankster constantly. He sneaks up and steals something necessary to whatever I'm currently doing (I'm not sure how he always knows the best things to take, but he does), takes it across the room, and then starts taunting: "Mommmy!" and waving said object at me until I chase him down to get it. If I don't come get it in time/care if he has it, he brings it back and I am usually scolded as he hands it right back.
    That said, he's also very helpful. He's become my little errand boy. He can find anything, take anything to the trash (which sometimes backfires), fetch anything you need, and he has a selectively fantastic memory.  
    In short, he is a funny funny little man and he gets cuter (and more opinionated) every day.


Shelli said...

This totally made me laugh. Gosh I love your child. I can't BELIEVE he's almost two. Ridiculous.

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