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By small and chigger things are great things brought to pass

Or how God shows his love through chigger babies

The story begins on a lovely August day while we were having a mountain adventure. It was a fun filled day all-told: good company, excellent views, flora, fauna, a swimming hole... who could ask for more out of a hike? However, not so fantastic are the hitchhikers who came home with us.
Let me preface this by saying that I hate chigger babies. And not just hate. I loath them with all the fiery purple passion in my little being. This hatred has been completely unfounded (and admittedly still irrational), but let me just put it out there that any species where the babies pose the threat doesn't get my vote.
And so... on with the story. When we got home that night we put Little right to bed, so when I found our little monstrous friends--while sitting on the bed no less--I was freaking out. Completely irrational. How many are there? Where are they hiding?  What dreaded diseases could I/my family now have? Had I put my baby to sleep in a bed of chigger babies? Had they already carried him away to eat him? I wish I could say that my thoughts hadn't gotten that far, but that wasn't far off. I told Heavenly Father that I knew it was a silly thing to ask, but that I needed to know what to do about the stinking chigger babies and how to calm down. Immediately I felt better and I knew what to do. Sadly it required waking up Little and another half hour or so of insuring no chigger babies were left unsmooshed, but we escaped the experience with only one chigger bite (thankfully on me, not Little). Anyway... it made me think just how much Heavenly Father loves me and even more, how well He knows me. Anyone would know I needed help if it was some big ordeal, but who needs rescuing from small insects? To the average person, chigger babies are not the end of the world. I wasn't bleeding by the side of the road. The proof is in the small things. The fact that He loves me enough to give me comfort when the only person it is a big deal to is me. Isn't that a lovely thought? 


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