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Kung Fu fighting

Two things I think are worthy of note: One, Bryce and I had a shadow fight the other day. Mostly our shadows were strangely huge on the wall and suddenly it occurred to me that my shadow could perfectly karate chop his... so the fight began. I think Bryce's shadow won.
Two, in helping get Bryce ready for all his interviews I've been asking him all the probing questions and what not. He's had some pretty good answers for most of them, but oddly enough the one that stumped him was "Tell me about a time when you failed at something." It took my dear husband three full days to think of an answer (and even then it was a lame one). Am I wrong that most people can think of at least three possibly more like 300 times they have failed right off the top of their heads? I certainly can. Welcome to life with Bryce.  


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