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Rock-a-bye baby... like a HURRICANE!!

Little man has had an exceptionally difficult time sleeping lately, for the last few months really. He usually wakes up around 2:00am or 3:00am, sometimes screaming/flailing, sometimes crying, sometimes happy as a lark and singing to himself. He then stays up for an hour or two and battles it out with me as to whether or not he will actually go back to bed. Translation: both Little and I are borderline crazy sleep deprived lunatics these days. We've tried everything under the sun, so any suggestions on how to remedy this would be much appreciated. 
We went up to my sister's house tonight to visit them and my mom (who is visiting for a while, hooray!) and help get their house ready for the realtor, so we were running around all day. We were dying of tired to begin with so apparently a busy day did my poor little monster in. When we finally called a cease-fire on the Windex and hung up our mops, I was challenged to a round of Guitar Hero. So fun. Loud, banging, rock-songs-full-blast fun. In the midst of this--after dancing like crazy--Little found his way to the floor right in front of the drum set and to the calming sounds of Aerosmith was lulled to sleep. He slept on for about an hour while we (no less noisily) kept rocking out.

We've decided instead of singing lullabies at bedtime, from now on it's 80's rock ballads all the way. 


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