Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing—Benjamin Franklin

Making the laws of the universe simpler

A good friend once gave me a bumper sticker that said: "Simplify--Henry David Thoreau." Anyone who knows me probably knows why that one word proves she is a good friend and I don't need to say much more on the subject, but for those who aren't aware, lets just say it's never been my forte. The are times when it's been a downright nemesis. However, today I was vacuuming the one remaining rug in our otherwise tile covered apartment and it occurred to me: I'm finally learning to take Thoreau's advice (or at the least I've started to realize the need for it). I'm a far cry from where he was, and I can safely say I have no plans to go live in a shack alone and write poetry at any point in my life, but I am learning that in many aspects of my life, less is unquestionably more and "simplify" is pretty much the best advice anyone could give me. Whether it be possessions, personality traits, silly habits I hold on to, or any of my ridiculously hypothetical fears and what nots, I need to purge a lot in my life and I am sometimes the biggest complication/road block in my life. Unfortunate. The closer we get to real life--and by real life, I mean a real job, home, and fingers crossed, a semi-stable existence--the closer I get to realizing what matters. I'm not saying it's the best advice for everyone, but I think it's safe to say, that lately that one word follows me around impersonating my conscience; completely unbidden, but oh so pertinent. So thank you Mr. Thoreau for reminding me. Not to mention Toni for putting us in touch. 


hosander said...

oh, you're welcome. it's good advice at any time of life.

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