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These Boots are Made for Walkin'

We went to church yesterday and there was a little girl--probably around 9 years old--with the cutest boots on. The sad part of this story? I own the exact boots. Not similar boots, or the adult version of the boots... the exact boots. Probably the same size too if we're being strictly honest. Bryce and I were laughing every time we saw her. 


Connie said...

And now I'm laughing, too! I am not surprised in the least, my tiny little Haley girl, but I must say that the little church girl has impeccable taste for sure! LOVE your bloggings, my sweet girl, and can't wait to see you SOOOOOON!!!!

LJ said...

I have a dim memory of us comparing foot size in the early days of our friendship, and both of us being appalled at the other's foot size.
"You have midget feet."
"Um, I'm pretty sure your feet could eat mine."

HaleyL said...

Haha! LJ, I forgot about that until just this very now!

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