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So... we just got back from a week of vacation. A glorious family-filled, don't-manage-to-get-dressed-until-noon-most-days vacation. Bryce was studying away and had a big paper do so me and Little hightailed it to visit the family. Hooray! So we spent a week and a half surrounded by family and friends and doing whatever on earth we wanted to do. 

Little learned some very important life lessons while we were there.
1. How to strike fear into the heart of your younger cousins (and sometimes the older ones too) 
2. Jack Jack will come when called (even if that means he gets whacked repeatedly with whatever object happens to be at hand)

3. Grandmas, aunts/uncles, and cousins are the best (all the way home he was crying for "ba-ba" aka: Jack Jack and mmmm-ma aka: grandma)
4.  It's only exciting when someone else is doing it (a lesson that proved very unfortunate for me)

5. Hugs often mean strangulation and/or getting an eye poked out for both parties, but that doesn't seem to matter much                                              6. What real snow looks like (thanks to the huge storm that blew right in and out again while we were there)
7. How to be a concert pianist (he takes his music very seriously)                                                                     8. Who needs toys when you have water bottles and spoons? Leaving me to question: Why on earth did I pack all those toys and what nots?
So in essence, hooray for trips and families and fun. 


Shelli said...

That last picture of Everett at the piano is DARLING. I'm so glad we got to see you ... hope the babe is healthy!!

LJ said...

Everett wins the cuteness award. Just sayin'.

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