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Where the lame things are

Our New Year's Eve celebration this year was singularly anticlimactic. As it happens, New Year's is one of those holidays that loses almost all of its fun/importance when you have a baby. We decided that we were way too tired to stay up until midnight, so we elected our new year to start at 8:00 (Little has had the croup so we're all a little sleep deprived and crazy--not that that is abnormal). When 7:30 rolled around we were all too ready for bed, so we almost didn't even make it to our remodeled new year moment. All of our substitutions were borderline geriatric: instead of midnight it was 8:00, instead of party dress we were in PJs, instead of booze (or even sparkling cider) it was rootbeer floats, instead partying hardy it was a rousing game of scrabble, instead of banging pots and pans we were coughing and snoring. All told, we are now lame. And the sad thing is that we don't really care all that much. 
However, much more exciting than us is the fact that there is a statue of a polar bear near campus and some clever, clever person dressed him up for New Years. Hooray! for people who are more clever than us (and more exciting). 


Laurie said...

We rang in the official New Year at midnight this year, and were in bed asleep by 12:40, including a 20-minute drive back to our apartment. Around 11:30 I was singin' the blues, I was getting so tired.

And seriously, I'm passing your idea on to Adam. I'm sure we'll have our 8 p.m. New Year celebration in the next year.

Shelli said...

We watched "North & South" until 11:00pm, then tried to read the last 12 pages of the Book of Mormon to finish it for the first time in our marriage. :) Only took us three years. We were asleep by 11:45 and neither of us even considered staying up to celebrate. We're right there in the home with you. :)

Torrey said...

Buncha light weights! We finally got home from our celebrating at about 6:00 a.m., so all you youngsters take THAT! :) It was a blast, but we sure missed you all. NEXT YEAR!!! WhooHoo! :)

Kevin said...

Wow, we don't even have a baby and I can relate more to the New Year festivities of Bryce and Haley (and Shelli and Eldon) than I can to yours, Mom. (or should I say, Torrey? haha... you might want to look into changing your profile name. =)

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