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Two things. One: I never gave the Christmas update. I just skipped right to New Years Day. Two: Little bites and Bryce is funny.
So without further Ado... Christmas. 
It was a blast. Little loved it. We ended up doing our Christmas on Christmas Eve because we were headed to my sister's house to share the festivities and we didn't want to drag along our gifts. We were surprised that Little didn't like the wrapping paper more, but he did love all of his gifts. My mom gave him a Fisher Price Farm house and from the second it opened to when we left for my sister's house he was mooing as a result of the cow that came with the farm. The other big hit was a pooping squirrel that Mama Lowder gave us (which was pretty much the funniest thing anyone could have done knowing our history). After every gift was opened and he'd played with it for a minute, Little would come over and give me a hug and kiss as if to say, "Thanks, Mom!" I loved that part the most. He is such a tender hearted little dude and I get the benefit of it for the most part.

After our "Christmas" we headed to my sister Mikie's house and shared a great couple of days with them. There was some great snow and good times were had by all. We had our traditional stuff-yourself-until-you-aren't-sure-you'll-be-able-to-eat-ever-again Christmas breakfast. We played games and watched movies and vegged. Just how Christmas should be. I think Little was the only one who managed to get dressed and that was out of necessity because he soiled his pants. 
Some of the best faces of Christmas: 

Oddly enough, most of our favorite gifts to each other came after Christmas. We came back with the need for a bird feeder (because Mikie has one and it is amazing how many birds we saw), so we went and got one the day we got back and are now the bird capitol of the world. I literally jumped around and squealed like a little girl when I saw them all flocked around. So much joy. We have at least 7 different kinds of birds who have become regulars (not the least of which are 3 cardinals and their wives who are arguably my favorite), so we sit with our bird book at the sliding glass door all day and watch. Little sits with his head plastered against the door and periodically turns around to flail his arms at me in excitement and make sure I'm seeing it too. The birds are all over the ground most of the time and they are getting used to us being around so it gives him a lot to look at. He sometimes gets a little too excited though and slams his head and hands against the door, frightening the birds, and then turns to me crying as if to say, "Make them come back!" There are also a few cats that have started frequenting our place and they are so fascinating for Little that I can't quite find it in me to shoo them away. They have yet to have a successful hunt though, so I suppose it's ok. 

The other thing we got (on impulse for $5 in the 50%-off-attempting-to-get-rid-of-Christmas aisle at CVS) was this little gem: 
Gourmet Trends Perfect Pancake Puff
I almost wish I were kidding when I tell you how much I love it. We made mini pigs in a blanket and I was yet again literally jumping for joy. I mean, can it get much better than little baby pancake puffs? I highly doubt it. It's not just pancakes of course. You can make cream puffs, and corn bread, and what nots, but still.... Baby pancake puffs.... Seriously. Amazing. We have great plans my little Perfect Puff and I. 
Also... With all of Little's teeth coming in, it has unfortunately brought out the cannibal in him. Whenever he wants something or just happens to see some available flesh he gives it a good chomp, not maliciously or anything, just a good hard chomp. I am less than enthusiastic about this as he seems to bite me more than Bryce. 
It's been nice having Bryce home over the break. Little is going to be heartbroken when he has to go back to classes. He weeps and wails every time Bryce leaves (or even gets in the shower) as is. I may get all the hugs and kisses, but he is definitely a Daddy's boy. 
As an aside: Bryce is pretty much the funniest human being on the planet. The other day I was trying to convince him to pick up something to eat because he was hungry and he responds: "Being hungry never killed anyone." Ummm... actually.... We were laughing about that for quite a while. The other funny Bryce moment was when Bryce had a bit of mysterious glitter on his face. His explanation? "I must have been hanging out with Anne Frank again." (I look at him curiously until he realizes his mistake) "Oh! I mean Lisa Frank. More unicorns and rainbows, less Nazis." 
So the conclusion to this way too long blog post is that Christmas was a blast, pancake puffs are the best, and we're all rainbows. 


Laurie said...

We miss you. Can I just say this again and again? We miss you, and we want to see you, and I want our sons to be friends. (Though our son will probably step on your son. But only on accident.)

ALSO. Adam had his first apple beer last night, and he loved it immensely. I thought of Bryce, and thought about texting, but it was like 7 p.m. MST and I have it on good authority you try to be in bed at 8 p.m. EST.

Torrey said...

Oh the joy!!! Thank you for this wonderful post, Haley girl! I agree with Laurie--we MISS you guys! I wish we would have given you the pancake puff....I love how much you love it. You are the most darling little wife and mother, and I just thank my lucky stars for you every single day. Thanks for taking such good care of "our" boys! They are a couple of lucky guys for sure. :) Glad you liked the squirrel...now I know to keep my eyes open for a pooping bird for next year. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Miranda-Jayne said...

Hey Lady! I'm so glad you posted your blog on the book of face and I could find this gem! It is awesome, you are awesome...and the pancake puff is an Ableskieber pan (we're Danish and we pretty much die if we don't eat these every year)! Anywho, I'm glad life is going so well for your cute little family! xoxo

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