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E's favorite thing to do lately is to make a fort over Gigi and snuggle in beside her to play. He could do this all day long, and often times does which is fantastic because Gigi loves it too.

We broke out the Bumbo chair the other day (which Gigi adores) and E decided that he needed one too, so we brought out his little on-the-go high chair and they sit and play all day long (when they aren't in a fort that is).

Gigi has also begun the monkey thing. I thought that this was only an E thing, but Gigi is proving that apparently past the age of three months it is normal for my children turn into a monkey. You barely have to hold them. They just squeeze their arms and legs and latch on. It definitely makes carrying them a whole lot easier

Also, we finally got some good pictures of our damsel in distress. It's amazing she still has an eye.


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