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Say what?

E wants an explanation for every single thing in life lately. When we're walking through the grocery store it is a constant stream of, "What is that? What is he doing? Why?" Sometimes the explaining is easy (what is the name of every vegetable we pass) and sometimes not so easy (why a man is filling his entire grocery cart with whole milk and muttering to himself) and sometimes people step in to answer for you, which is always the best. E has noticed that if he asks loud enough, most people will answer him themselves. This is a good and bad discovery. On the one hand, it saves me from coming up with an answer that will satisfy him. On the other hand, it creates some interesting moments with complete strangers. One thing is for sure, having a toddler can cure you of all  your embarrassment pretty quick because honestly, after "Mommy! I won't play with my penis!" it is all uphill.

There are definitely some pretty fantastic moments to go along with the embarrassing ones, so you take what you can get I guess.
I was snuggling in bed with E the other night and he put his little hand on my face and said, "Mommy, you have beautiful lips. And beautiful teeth. You are a princess."
He was covering Gigi up with a blanket and informed me that he was making her a princess so that she could "go to the temple and get married." He may or may not have decided that the picture of Bryce and I at the temple on our wedding day is "when dad made mommy a princess forever!"
He gets in trouble all the time for trying to sit in Gigi's Bumbo chair or get in her bed. I can't count how many times we have had the "you are a big boy so you won't fit" conversation. Just today he informed me: "I'm making myself little little so I can fit in Gigi's chair." He proceeded to scrunch himself into the smallest ball he could manage. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, shrinking himself has yet to work.
He tries to get away with things by blaming it on his animals. "That was just the horsey bonking you on the head." "The frog just wanted to eat the cookie." His poor animals spend a lot of time in time out.

Apparently E is rubbing off on Gigi because she thinks she can talk. She jabbers on about this and that pretty much constantly and somehow makes her will known despite the lack of words. She is not only a talker, but a smiler/laugher/general good mood keeper. She always has this look like she is going to go conquer the world in about a minute.
She is rolling over and prefers standing to sitting any day. She scoots herself all over the floor and I keep telling Bryce that she's going to be crawling by four months at this point, but praying that I have a long time before I have to deal with that hurdle.
She also has an obsession with her toes. She doesn't suck on fingers or thumbs, and rarely wants a binky... no, no, my child sucks on her toes. It is not uncommon to see her curled up in bed, half asleep and chowing on her big toe like it is a pacifier. At least it'll be an easy habit to break once she starts wearing shoes.


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Also: The Boy climbed in our bed this morning and I woke up once or twice to him patting my face and cupping my chin in his little paw. I freaking love this child.


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