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What did I do for entertainment before I had kids?

So, I know I say this all the time, but it is true: I have the funniest child on the planet. This is him "keeping an eye out" for everything. I'm not sure where it came from or why on earth he does it, but I am sure glad that he does. One of my favorite things to do in the grocery store is ask him to keep an eye out for something.
This is the usual position you can find the kids in these days. At any given point in the day E is snuggling, kissing, hugging, and otherwise smothering Gigi with love. On the one hand, I'm so so glad that they love each other so much. On the other hand, I'm afraid for her life half of the time. It's a mixed bag. They do love each other so much though.

Dog pile! One of the better things I've taught E. Of course it backfires whenever I sit on the ground, but it is awfully fun. We regularly have dog pile parties. Which promptly end when E starts to play dog pile with Gigi.

The other day we were saying prayers and E was amazingly grumpy. He is also the most stubborn being on the planet when he wants to be. When I finally got him to say his prayer while kneeling on his knees in his reverent voice (a feat that is nearly impossible when he is being difficult), he put his own twist on the prayer. I would prompt him to say, "Please help us to sleep." and he would repeat, "Please help us not to sleep." And proceeded to negate every single thing I said. I'd like to say that I was a good mom and held it together, but alas, I was completely lost in the giggles for the rest of the prayer. I finally sobered up when it ended in "Not in the name of Jesus Christ. Not amen." and managed to have a chat with him about how to be reverent, but man alive! He is a funny kid.

The other night he was afraid of shadows. It was my fault because I mistakenly left my dress form out in his room. Who doesn't find the shadow of a headless body creepy in the middle of the night? When I came in to comfort him I did the usual things and told him that if the shadows scared him to tell them that Mommy would come get them if they got scary again. He then informed me that it was all ok because "Horsey was chasing them away." About a minute later he started grabbing at the air and making chomping noises. When I asked what he was doing he informed me that he was "catching the shadows and eating them all up." What can I say? It is effective.

Since we got Swimmy, E has been so excited about everything the fish does. The other night he told me: "Aw! Look how cute! He's saying his little fishy prayers"

E has never been a big fan of pants. I don't know why exactly, but whenever given the chance, he will strip down to his skivvies. He's decided that if he doesn't like his pants, no way does Gigi like hers. He has informed me several times when Gigi has been crying, "She's sad because she doesn't want to wear pants." Oh dear.

"He's on it!" That is his favorite phrase whenever I ask him to do something.

There was a fly around the house the other day and he announced, "There's a flyer! I need to kill it! I love to kill it!!" Apparently I need to be a bit more careful about my bug aversion.

Ever since Gigi came home E has had a thing about "mangers." Basically he rounds up all the pillows he can find and arranges them in a "manger" for Gigi and then borderline forces me to put her in there. I guess I should be grateful that it is the manger that sticks instead of the fort that he has tried a few times (E covering baby sister with pillows=a mommy heart attack), but sometimes it is a little inconvenient. The other day I said that we couldn't put Gigi in the manger right then and he announced, "Yes we may can put her in a manger because that is what mommies and daddies do." Who knew, right? I get enlightened all the time about things that mommies and daddies supposedly do or should do in E's mind.

As for Gigi, she is laughing all the time now and by laughing, I mean chortling. She sounds like an old trucker man. No joke. 
We call her our damsel in distress because more often than not her hands are in the general vicinity of her face and usually plastered to it. At one point she favored attempting to poke her eyes out and then she would weep and wail and give me a look that clearly says, "What on earth are these things and why are you allowing them to attack me?" She is always sleeping with her palms jammed in on either side of her face. It can't be comfortable, but she doesn't seem to complain about that one. E refuses to allow her hands anywhere near her mouth if he can help it. He grabs them gently and says, "No no, Gigi. We don't eat our hands." He is full of helpful hints like that for her, and for me for that matter. "Mommy, Gigi doesn't like you to do that." Or "Gigi, you shouldn't be kicking me. It's just not nice." Or "Mommy, Gigi wants to wake up now."
She is still growing like crazy and would love more than anything to be beheld every second of every day. She has a smile that makes the whole world brighter. She yells quite a bit, but rarely cries. We were laughing the other day because the rare times she legitimately cries, we all panic and frantically run around trying to fix it. When you hear it so seldom, it is the most heartbreaking thing. 

She thinks she can talk and frequently makes her opinion known. I've never met a baby with more personality in her little eyes. She's been alert and aware of the world around her from day one and I've sort of had the feeling since we first met that she is commiserating with me. 
E still thinks she is his personal responsibility/toy/teddy bear. It makes him awfully rude in public (he yelled at a nice old woman in the grocery store because she dared to try to peek at Gigi), but it makes him the sweetest brother so I can't complain too much. Gigi adores him. It doesn't matter how upset she is, he can make her smile. He tells me all the time, "Mom, tell baby Gigi  she's so cute." Or "Isn't Miss Pea beautiful?" Is it possible I prayed my kids into being immediate best friends? I guess we'll see when she is old enough to steal his toys.


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