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It's official...

We are now a family of 4. Whoa. Crazy.

Her Highness (hence forth to be known as Gigi since it is a bit problematic to continue referring to your offspring as royalty) made her appearance last Sunday and it was night and day different from our first experience. I will definitely take going into labor naturally over being induced.
I had been having regular contractions all night, which was not abnormal as she kept giving us false alarms, but by 3:45am I was so distracted by them that I finally woke up and fiddled around the house to distract myself (the only reason why even a part of my laundry was done when she came). As it turned out, we spent the day car shopping instead of laboring. However, by 5:30pm while we were driving away from the last dealership, the contractions changed from "Oo, that is uncomfortable," to "Oh my (insert fake expletive) I am going to die." We got home and luckily Little was exhausted, so we ate quickly and put him right to bed. By 8:00pm we were on our way to the hospital and she was well on her way. Once we got settled in the hospital there was a lot of laughter and plenty of sound effects as we walked the halls through the contractions, one close call with Bryce almost having to slap me out of being ridiculous, and lots and lots of "Keep going honey," and "No, you are not going to die."
We made it through with relatively little damage and eleven hours after it started, we welcomed the little miss into the world (much better than the 36+ it took for Little). 7 lbs 11 oz at 7:01 am.
When she came out, she had a bit of an unfortunate run in with her umbilical cord. It was wrapped around her neck a couple of times and she was a bit purple and not very vocal. I got to hold her for about 30 seconds while Bryce cut the cord and she looked up at me with surprisingly alert eyes and a little sigh that sounded like "Whew, we made it through...now can I rest?" After that she was whisked away to a nearby table where Bryce could see her, but all I could see was five nurses hovering around and pumping air for her. Not the best moment of my life, but in the end she let out a few good hollers and by the time I was sewn up she was back in my arms.
There was only one point where I really lost it and that was after all the shenanigans when we were in the room still recovering and the nurses came in to double check how everything was settling. The first nurse gently prodded my stomach to check how my uterus was settling, and then a second nurse came in and pushed on my stomach as hard as she could without warning me first. Lets just say it didn't go well. I caught myself at the last minute and what came out of my mouth ended up being "mother... of pearl," but it was a close call and I'm pretty sure I scared the nurse.
We stayed at the hospital for a few days and luckily Little was well taken care of at home by my parents (thank heaven a million times for that). He got to come visit a couple of times and the loves and kisses abounded. He immediately started squeezing her and making sure he was a part of taking care of her. That has only gotten more fun--albeit more intense--since we came home. He loves to snuggle and kiss her and he is always the first to announce that "Baby Ginny is awake!!"
We wanted to give her a strong name and so decided to name her after one grandma from my side and one from Bryce's. My grandma passed away in February, so I'd like to think that they waved in passing and she will hopefully get
to meet Bryce's grandma soon soon. We actually have some things from my mom that we used to wear when we were tiny and one of them just happens to be a sweater that my grandma crocheted. We're definitely passing that down. It is so fun to have stories and great memories to share with her about her name and about the wonderful women who it came from.

We've been home now for a week and she is a trooper. She has already slept for five and six hours for two nights since she has been home (knock on all the wood in the world), she's a great little eater, and I feel like every time I look at her she is already changing.
Welcome, welcome baby girl!! We are so happy that you got to come to our family!


LJ said...


Also: let me know when I can come and nibble on her. She just looks so delicious.

hosander said...

congratulations! I bet you are super happy to not be pregnant anymore. Glad your parents could be there to help.

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