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Lost in translation

So... I know all I write about lately is Little and his silliness, but I can't help it. He's just such a fun little man. The latest funnies have been mostly church related. We've been reading about Joseph Smith and Little is very intrigued. However, some lessons haven't quite gone over the way we thought they would.

We were waiting to drop some food off to Bryce the other day and decided to play on the lawn of the school for a bit. To be accurate, I sat on a bench while Little played. He was having a grand old time circling around a big tree when he suddenly stopped, sat down, and informed me, "I'm waiting for an angel, mom." After a moment or two he came running back over and said, "It's alright. The angel's not coming yet. Maybe he will come later." And scampered off to play some more. He's done something similar before (when he was tired of walking and sat down on the stair to "wait for an angel to help" him down the stairs), but I never put it together quite like I did when he was sitting under the tree just like the pictures of Joseph Smith.

The other thing is that lately Little has been informing me, "My Father wants me to do ... (fill in the blank)." At first I thought he was talking about Bryce seeing as he was using it for things like, "My father wants me to eat gummies." or "My father wants me to play with toys for five minutes." And then he started actually talking about Bryce and said instead, "My dad wants me to play." That is when we figured out that when he's referring to "my father," he is actually referring to his Heavenly Father. And although I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father doesn't want him to eat gummies all the time, I'm am equally certain that I have the sweetest boy on the planet.

In other news, we're still waiting for the appearance of Her Highness. She's making more progress than Little did after we had already been in the hospital for 24 hours though, so I'm counting that as a good thing. Everyone keeps asking if I am ready for another baby and I'm not completely sure how to answer. Do I have all the diapers/clothes/gear and what not? Yes (at least as far as I can remember). Am I ready to see her on the outside and stop the abuse of my innards? Definitely yes. Do I have any idea what on earth we've gotten ourselves into? Nope. Ah, well... another adventure I suppose. We are definitely excited to meet her, that is for sure.


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