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Twas the night before Dad's Day and all through the house, not a gift was delivered, not one for my spouse

It is Father's Day in two days and I am officially the worst present giver in the world. In my defense, Bryce is the worst present receiver in the world (for various reasons that would take far too long to discuss in this post), but all the same, he will not have one present to open on Father's day. Here is my problem: I ponder and ponder for months in advance until I find the perfect gift for the person, I purchase it right away (usually still months in advance), then get excited--full to the brim with the thought of giving my perfect gift and what joys it will bring, then I spill over and somehow (whether intentionally or no) spill the beans to the person, then I have to repeat the process all over again so that they will have an actual gift on the date. Why don't I just write a card as a reminder of said gift? you ask... because a gift isn't a good gift if you already know all about it. So say I. However, for this Father's Day, I was going to be smart. I decided to wait until the last minute to get the gift so I wouldn't give it away. And now I sit, the day before Father's Day-eve and his gift is still in transit. Curse my gift giving tendencies! Good thing Bryce knows we love him anyway.


hosander said...

We bought Ben a "perfect" gift today at the store. When he got home from work today he had just procured the same thing for himself. So I had to return it. No more gifts.

Connie said...

Haley, you darling, you ARE the gift! I could not have asked for a more perfect match for my Bryce... Thank you for being the girl we always dreamed of for him, and for making him the very happiest, most amazing version of himself. You are everything we could have dreamed of for him, and so much more. Love you, precious girl, with all our hearts!!!!!

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