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Portland of the Free

We ended up taking a trip up to visit my sister for the 4th of July and had a blast. Other than Little having a rough time both to and from (apparently we're prone to carsickness in motorhomes), there was plenty of fun to be had by all. Here is the highlight reel:

 The Tilamook Cheese Factory. A fabulous place full of the best tasting ice cream, cheese, and chocolate milk on earth. And who doesn't love a giant plastic cow?

The kids spent plenty of time cooling off with the slip-n-slide and Little loved every second of it. He parked himself right where the splashing was the most intense and didn't stop laughing until I pulled him kicking and screaming from the beloved pool because he was about frozen.
 Lauri, being master of ceremonies for the 4th of July, made sure we all had appropriately patriotic painted nails and she may just be the record holder for getting Connelly to hold still for the longest. It's amazing what you'll do for sparkly blue nails. 
 Cannon beach. Beautiful. Cold. Worth it. 
Fun with fireworks and marshmallows and family. Between lighting off fireworks and having semi-all night bonfires, the fire pit was well used. 
And last but not least, Little taking after his father (Bryce used to carry around a "sword and banger" when he was little) and attacking anyone who would allow it, which mostly meant Jonathan because he was such a good sport the whole time and is the best cousin anyone could ask for. 


Connie said...

Oh what a delightful post! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. You guys are the BEST!!!

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