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Lots of good things

Two things...

Item One: I went with my sister to help 
her with a class she teaches for Poppyseed Projects and fell in love. Seriously. Fantastic. I am not much of a scrapbooker--and by "not much" I mean, my attempts usually look more like a kindergarten art project gone awry. Sewing, cakes, wire, even wood, those I can get at least a salvageable product with enough time and effort, but no matter how much I try to scrapbook, it always turns out the same. Give me yarn and paint over paper any day. So, needless to say, I was a little wary of making one of these because when I heard about it/saw a project I thought it would be every scrapbookers dream (read: my nightmare) to make, but it wasn't. It was absolutely doable and now I understand what all the hub-bub is about because every single project turned out looking fantastic. There is nothing to make you feel more crafty than something that takes you 2 hours (or less) to put together and looks like it took days (or more). I didn't even make one for me and I felt slightly triumphant at the end of the class just seeing all of them. I'm going to go make one on June 25th and if anyone else wants to, my sister has plenty more room in the class. I'm so excited to have a picture of the temple up (to replace the dinky little one we have sticky tacked to the wall that barely even counts). Anyway... The point of this is to say I have missed being in the land of two-story craft stores and do-it-yourself everything and it is going to be a challenge to not bring home my body weight in sewing patterns, craft supplies, and crafty doings.

Item Two:
This was posted on one of the blogs I follow and I thought it was worthy of sharing. http://www.newsweek.com/2011/06/05/mormons-rock.html  
It just makes me happy to be Mormon, you know? Not that I wouldn't be pleased as punch to be a member of what Bryce's former boss refers to as "the club," even if it had the worst publicity in the world, but it warms my heart when I read articles like this and see good LDS people getting good recognition and helping others who are not of our faith get a real view of who we are. Hooray!


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