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Good Times

We've been in the new apartment for a month or so and we are loving it. Although there are no squirrels residing in the walls or ravens cursing us, there are still quite a few characters around. Namely: Adolf Von Fanschmier (the resident evil fan which makes hideous growling noises when turned off), Brutus (the spider who lives in the laundry room downstairs), Radar Bear (Bryce's old glue encrusted teddy bear which for some reason Everett has decided is the best thing to happen to humanity), Lenny (the squirrel who lives in the tree outside our window and apparently has some species confusion because he tweets like a bird), the list could go on... And yes, we do have a serious disorder involving nicknames. Anyway, the point is that we are a big fan of the new apartment, and ward, and all of the above.
The focus of late in our house has been dental hygiene. Mostly because Little has a new found love for brushing the four and a half teeth that he has. I used to just do a quick scrub before bed and he would open his mouth for maybe a split second (and even then I have a sneaking suspicion that it was only to get a taste of the fruity toothpaste) but I discovered that if I brush my teeth with him it is much easier. Instead of losing interest in a millisecond, he will brush as long as I do—providing that he has full control of the toothbrush of course. He actually does a surprisingly good job for someone who has just recently learned to use his motor skills and although it is usually a two handed operation, he definitely gets the job done. The only problem comes when he starts trying to lend a hand by brushing my teeth as well. That complicates things significantly.
He's growing up so fast I can hardly believe it. He pulls himself up on everything and I thought he had semi-stalled out as far a progress in that direction went, but after a fun Thanksgiving weekend with the my sister and watching their kids run around, he has decided that it is time to start learning to get around for real apparently because he spends all day testing his limits, attempting to stand without holding on to anything, and pushing from one object to another. Oddly enough, he still can't quite figure out how to sit back down after his escapades so he usually just stands there and cries until I come help him or crashes and then cries, but hopefully that will come with time. Either way, he's getting bigger, and stronger, and more opinionated by the second. Good thing he's also getting cuter and sweeter by the second. 


hosander said...

He's a cutie keep up the good oral hygiene vibes, it's worth it

Torrey said...

Gosh. He looks so grown-up in this picture! And how funny that he loves to help you brush your teeth! Thanks so much for these precious blog posts...it's our window to your lives and we can't thank you enough for sharing!!!!

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