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'Twas the Night Before Finals...

Welcome to finals week! Where there is insanity and adventure for all!
Little has been teething (read: a grumpy, grumpy-but still cute-monster) and we've all been pretty sick, not to mention Bryce has finals for the next two weeks, thus we've been lacking sleep and have unfortunately dissolved into sheer lunacy. The result? Last night's exploits:
I have the usual dreams of little green men and missing socks.
Little man wakes up periodically either screaming because his poor teeth hurt and he has way too much gala-gala in his throat/nose, or laughing to himself because he's discovered yet another way to make a binky disappear.
After snoring to wake the dead, Bryce stops breathing several times and has to choke to get himself going again (welcome, sleep apnea). 
He grinds his teeth until I start sleeping with a hand to his cheek because that seems to be the only thing that will save his molars from being nubs in the morning. 
He leans over me and starts saying something that sounds like Russian meets Chinese-which come to find out may or may not have been a result of a dream about Harry Potter-until he comes to enough to announce, "What I just said makes no sense." and rolls over to go back to sleep while I laugh out loud.
And last, but not least, he jumps out of bed not one, but four times during the night, throwing the sheets aside, violently ripping the ear plugs, and rushing to get ready for the day until I literally pull him back into bed. Once, when actually conscious, he got up and went to the bathroom and I didn't notice until he hopped back into bed. I instinctively grabbed his arm and pulled, commanding him to get back in bed. He of course defended himself and I of course didn't believe him (thinking he was still asleep) until he could prove that he was in fact in possession of all his faculties. He doesn't remember most of this, but this morning he feels like he didn't sleep at all. 
All together an eventful night. 
Welcome, finals! Please be over soon. 


Laurie said...

Tears. Tears welling up. This is how hard I was laughing at this post.

Also: the phrase gala-gala to describe nasal gunk is probably going down in the ol' vocab.

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