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Nothing Worse

Raising a baby seems to have more “nothing worses” than I ever thought it could. The current nothing worse? Giving your baby the flu…on purpose. I mean, I am extremely grateful for modern medicine and that my child will no longer die of smallpox, or the bubonic plague, or any number of bizarre sounding infectious diseases, but that doesn’t make me loathe Little’s immunizations any less, or make me feel like any less of a traitor when he looks at me like, “Mom! How could you?!” despite the fact that I am indeed not the one stabbing a needle into his poor little leg. And why is it that the nurse always makes you hold him down? That is almost the cruelest part of the process. I prefer to be the one to save him after the assault is done. Not that I would want to avoid being there for him, but I just don’t want to restrain him.
However, even worse than the actual shot, is the ride home when he sits in the back whimpering almost inaudibly while I can’t reach him to comfort him. Then we get home and he tries to sleep it off for at least 3 days (if not more), but wakes up crying because his leg hurts, or his nose is clogged, or he has to cough, all while he is dealing with a raging fever.
And the worst of the worse? We walk into the doctor’s office willingly every two months with the complete knowledge of what will happen when we walk out.
There is nothing worse than immunizations. 


Kevin said...

ohhhhh! That hurts my heart! Poor little man.

Torrey said...

I agree that they are the total pits! I felt the exact same way, and would console myself as you did by reminding myself what the alternative evil is...plagues galore! It is hard being a parent, but may I tell you Haley (and Bryce)--you are doing a darn good job and we could not be prouder of you!!!! Rock on, little Momma!!!! :)

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