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Fun fact

I have just learned today that nothing makes you feel like a better mother than when your child locks himself in the bathroom and you have to call the emergency services to get him out. False. 

It was a first for us though, normally I am fairly careful about keeping the door shut because I live in fear of him doing just that. Turns out I was right to live in fear. After doing everything in my power to coax Little into pushing the lock button again, trying to pick the lock with any number of objects, and fiddling with it to the point of exhaustion, we ended up calling the big guns. When the doorknob has no screws and the hinges are on the inside, you are out of luck. 
Little handled it pretty well despite one fall into the bathtub, up until the end when the strange man barged through the door. That didn't go over so well. I, however, almost hugged said strange man for rescuing Little Man and I have already ordered a doorknob.


hosander said...

That is a really sad story. I'm glad it all turned out ok. Good for you for already ordering a new knob.

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