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The circle of life

Little has been asking for the "giraffey song" of late and it took me a while to figure it out, but it turns out it is "The Circle of Life" from The Lion King (or as he calls it the "lion-giraffey-horsey show"). I guess the giraffe really made an impression because apparently he is the only animal singing in Little's mind. Either way, I have an urgent need to learn the words to the whole song because singing the only two lines of the chorus I know is getting terribly repetitive.
With the amount that he loves The Lion King and animals in general, Little has expanded his vocabulary quite a bit. However with every animal we've been noticing a few vocabulary quirks. Mostly that he tacs "-ey" onto the end of everything (a thing that I rarely if ever did until he started doing it), and if it isn't "-ey" it is "-io" (ex: Daddio,  horseio, even cerealio a few times). I don't think I'll ever be able to say the word giraffe normally again.

Also... I know lately this blog is turning into look-what-I-did-today, but I couldn't resist. Here is the latest project:
Don't look too close or you'll see all my oopses, but I love it. Between Craigslist.org and Lowes, I'm swiftly becoming a furniture recovering addict (how's that for a confusing sentence?)  


hosander said...

Haley, that dresser is amazing! how did you do it?

HaleyL said...

It was actually pretty easy. I didn't have to sand it down because it was already white, but on my other desk I used a really fine sand paper and that took forever, but the paint looked better for it.
For this one, I just found a stencil that I liked. They say you have to have a specific kind, but I actually ended up using a fabric one because I liked the pattern and it worked great.
Then I measured and taped the stencil on with masking tape, but any low tack tape should work.
And then painted it. If you are doing a base coat a lot of people do a primer first, but you can get paint with that doubles as primer and color. You do have to have a kind of paint that will work on furniture, but if it will work on a wall, there is a good chance it will work on furniture. Oh, and on the base coat for the desk I found that it was way better to do several thin coats than to do a few heavy ones. That and it looks better if you do strokes that cover the whole surface (does that make sense? You just sort of paint in lines). For the stencil part, they make special stencil brushes which are sort of short and fat (I'm not sure if it makes much of a difference which brush you use though). I used the sponge kind because I like the texture, but there are brushes too. There are apparently a lot of different techniques for stenciling, but I pretty much just dabbed it on evenly.
After the stencil part dried I decided I needed to do the outside of the drawers the same color too, so I just used a normal paint brush and free handed it, but I think next time I will do that before the stencil part.
Then after it dried, I sealed it with a clear protector finish (I just asked the guy in the hardware store and he told me which one to get after I told him what I was doing =) and you paint that the same way you did the base coat.
And that was it.
Way too much information later... that is how I did it. =) If I had known how simple it was to refinish stuff I totally would have been dumpster diving more.

LJ said...

Oh my crafty domestic goddess you.

And of COURSE Bryce taught E to call him "Daddio."

Bryce said...

Didn't have to teach him. He knows his Papa is one hep cat.

Connie said...

LOVE this post...as I do ALL of your posts. I am so, so, so proud of the furniture refinishing you are doing! COME HERE THIS MINUTE. I have an entire house full of projects for you.... :) Hug those boys for me, will ya? You are the BEST, Haley girl! <3

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