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Dinosaurs and disillusionment

Not that I ever had any grand illusions about this, but I can't spell. This is a recent rather disheartening discovery. If we're being honest, I can't say it's entirely recent as I've been attempting to find comfort in blaming my deteriorating mental state on motherhood for quite some time now--and yes, there has been a serious decline in brain functionality since Little's been around; however, apparently my problems are much deeper. I hit a new low when, while walking in the baby clothing section, I had an epiphany (as much as I wish it weren't the case, the amount of awe and shock I felt can only be classified that way). There is a word, not a very common word, but one everyone knows (read: should have known how to spell from the third grade). A word seldom seen in print, but simple enough to be placed on a baby's t-shirt. A word that has caused me to question my existence as a college graduate. A word that I am way too embarrassed to actually mention. I took one look at that little baby shirt with aforementioned word printed on it and realized that my entire life I've been spelling it wrong, and not just wrong, egregiously so. It starts with a completely different letter for heavens sake! Now, I recognize that this post is ridiculously over-dramatic, but there really is no doing justice to the trauma I felt when faced with the staggering reality of my mental state. Ok. Dramatics done. Simply put: I would lose horribly if I ever played "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?" and I find myself wondering how on earth I expect to write a book (or even a coherent sentence) in my current state. 


Connie said...

Love the post, and LOVE YOU!!! Don't worry, my dear darling, that (or something remarkably similar) has happened to ALL of us at one time or another. Just use spell check and all will be well. :) And if that's your biggest flaw, well then you have it made!!! WOOHOOOO!

LJ said...

Words I cannot spell without assistance:


...I know there's more, but I can't think of them right now. There are dozens of them. Dozens!

Kevin said...

The word was pterodactyl, wasn't it? =)

HaleyL said...

Yes, Kevin. You are right..... My shame is complete. =)

Bryce said...

LJ, when you're trying to spell "umbrage," you're already ahead of the rest of us.

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