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“You know what I’m thinkin’? …CHICKEN!”

We have discovered something that Little hates more than green beans. Chicken. Not only does he make faces and growl, he has added to the repertoire; he waits until he gets both cheeks full (I mistook this for actual consumption the first couple of times) and then proceeds to pull it out and drop it on the floor. All with the same look of utter disgust.  
If I didn’t get half of it splattered on me I would think it was the most comical thing that he’s ever done. As it is I end up cleaning most of it off of the floor rather than getting it into his system, so I think chicken might be out for a little while.  
And as a side note to this, I will add that the other day Bryce was letting my little monster drink from his cup and this particular cup just happens to have an attached straw (I wish I could say that I own it for Little, but I can't). He got a little too excited, which resulted in a minor run in with the straw. He immediately pulled back and gave it a little growl of warning before continuing to drink. There are few times Bryce and I have laughed that hard. 


Torrey said...

"utter disgust" is right! What a hilarious face this little man is pulling...I can't stop laughing at his expressions! :)

Kevin said...

HAHAHA!!! I absolutely LOVE his facial expression! (And your caption!) What a funny little man he is. "He doesn't like chicken but it's not his fault... he spits them right back at his momma..."

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