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What's in a name?

One of the things I find hardest about writing: names. Character names, names of places, etc. I always have the hardest time with the names. I want them to be perfect, but it seems like they never are. I have only found one name that I really liked for a character in the history of the whole history and that story I'm not even ready to start really writing yet. No good. 


Torrey said...

Well....just know that if you ever need someone to do something bad, you simply must name them Mr. and Mrs. Budge. That was our name of choice when our kids were growing up and we wanted to talk about something that someone had done that was "bad" or for some reason we wanted them to remain anonymous, so we went with the already established pattern from Torrey's growing up years, and dubbed everyone "Mr. and Mrs. Budge"...If you name your villains anything else, Bryce will most likely be very confused... :)

HaleyL said...

Ha! I like it. I may just have to borrow that one.

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