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Manipulation at its finest

Little's latest strategy for avoiding getting in trouble for what he knows is not going to be mommy-approved: "Let me show you a game!" He'll use it to try to stand up in the tub, to draw on something he shouldn't, to jump off the table, etc. Strangely enough, I don't find his "games" quite as fun as he does.
The other tactic he uses is, "Do me a big favor?" which is usually followed by a request to get out of the current thing I'm forcing on him. Ex: "Mommy, do me a big favor? I can play with toys," or "Mommy, do me a big favor? I don't eat carrots." He hasn't quite caught on that it has yet to work for him.

However, on a good note, he has started sharing all of his food with the baby; which basically means that he shoves food at my belly all day long, but I it is still sweet of him. 


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