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Monkey business

Living with a two-year-old is perhaps the most entertaining thing in life, not to mention the most enlightening. It helps that I am pretty certain that I have the cutest child in the world too. 
With Bryce gone for the summer, we've started Skyping with him on a pretty regular basis (Little refers to it as "The Daddy show") and we have a special phone ring for him so that whenever Daddy calls, Little knows and instantly runs to the phone. Because of this (and a recent trip to visit with my family) Little now wants to call people all day long. So either we spend all day on the phone chatting, or with him trying to convince me to call someone or other. 
Another thing I love is that Little has started making up songs. He's always been big on music, but now I get serenaded with ballads of Daddy or Giraffey's escapades. I love it.  
Between getting more and more curious about the world and being able to communicate more about it, Little has also started to feel the need to label everything. It's not just a toe, it is a "big toe." It's not just a cracker, it is a "happy cracker." Sometimes they seem arbitrary, but for the most part his labels actually make quite a bit of sense. The best has been with fingers. Little finds his pinky and thumb fascinating and so decided to take it upon himself to label all the other fingers. The first one (the pointer finger) is the "mommy finger"--my sisters and I were laughing and decided it's because that is the finger I use to scold him--and I'll give you one guess as to which one is the "daddy finger".... Yup. The middle one. We had a good laugh about that. (I have to put a disclaimer that Little has never seen Bryce use said finger, but it is still pretty funny.)

We've also gotten into the stage of egregious mispronunciations. Let's just say that every remotely harsh consonant somehow turns into an loud-as-humanly-possible "t" sound and plenty of the other consonants turn into the "sh" sound, making all too many things sound very much like a certain unmentionable word. I feel like I have to walk through the grocery store announcing to the world that he doesn't mean it and we don't actually use that word in our house. Some of his mispronunciations are just plain funny though. Our favorite to date has been the way he says my sister's name. I'm fairly certain that she is going to be "Auntie Monkey" from now on in our house.
On top of all of that, I don't think Little could be any sweeter. If one of us gets hurt or sad, he is always the first one there asking, "You ok?" and making sure everyone is taken care of. Granted he often bustles himself off before you even have a chance to answer, but the fact that he cares at all makes me happy. We were visiting my sister's house the other day and there was a loud movie on downstairs. It was scaring him so I kept trying to take him upstairs, but he wouldn't budge. I figured it was because he didn't want to leave all of his cousins, but he was so agitated that I finally had to drag him kicking and screaming up the stairs, only to have him turn right around and bang on the door saying, "NO! Baby safe! Baby safe!" Little has a cousin about his age who he refers to as "Baby," and was still downstairs. I was more than a bit proud that my little man was willing to brave the scary movie to make sure his cousin was safe too. 
Life with Little just couldn't more fun. He is so happy and has such a great little personality sometimes I can't even believe it.


hosander said...

what a fun stage! Anna saw the picture and said "what is his hair for?" to make him adorable

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