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Good news for goals

Anyone who has read this blog more than once will realize that I make a new goal practically everyday and end up with a list of goals as big as myself; and not just little I-want-wear-socks-everyday goals, but big overarching ones like writing a novel, or becoming a master cake decorator (at least passable), or learning every species of bird out there. Turns out goals like that take a lot of time. Anyway… the point is that I make all these goals and try to work on them one at a time, but find myself slowly taking on more and more until I am working on thirty-six life altering goals simultaneously and not able to focus on a one of them and I end up feeling like I am not improving at any of them. Not to mention the lack of time issue. The other day I was lamenting this fact and thinking, “Man alive! I’ve got to get a better system.” However, it dawned on me, through this frenzied goal extravaganza I really have made some improvements.
Cooking-wise I'm miles from where I was. The other day I whipped up some complicated recipe for falafel which may not seem amazing to some, but something that was entirely out of my casseroles-are-my-only-specialty hands a few months ago, and I’ve been making my body weight in some seriously rockin’ desserts lately (go to http://www.bakerella.com/ for the best/easiest cake balls of all time), we’ve had more variety in our food (and healthy food at that) than ever before, and I use fresh ingredients whenever I can these days. I don’t decide what to cook based on easiness factor anymore. I don't shy away from recipes because they look complicated. I even find myself taking those recipes and making my own improvements and experimenting. Fantastic. As it turns out, food is much better when you make it just the way you want it. And for the record, always cut the garlic in half for pesto recipes and fondue is one of the easiest things in the world.
 Idea from: http://cfabbridesigns.com/blog/
A fabulous blog for non-crafty crafters like me.
I’ve had an influx of those cutesy crafty ideas coming my way and tried quite a few of them to pretty passable success. As a result, the house is actually cute. Not kitschy cute, but legitimately cute. Some of the outcome of these crafty escapades will never see the light of day, but most of them I’m actually quite proud of. 
The other day at church my skirt split right up the back so I rushed to the bathroom, whipped out my handy-dandy sewing kit, and patched it up before anyone was the wiser. 
I saw an adorable little crocheted head wrap in our wanderings the other day and decided to have a go at making some thing akin to it myself. At first it was a semi-disaster, but with a few flowers and some fiddling it actually turned out wearable. 
There are some seriously cute craft ideas out there and I've always been afraid to try them, but let me tell you that Valentine's Day gifts (or any holiday for that matter) are much easier when you aren't afraid to make things. Especially when you don't have much of an income. 
I wish I could say that I've made some serious progress with my writing, but that remains to be seen. I have definitely learned a lot though. 
I have been working with my blog and trying to get it formatted the way I like and fix all the little details of it. Surprisingly enough, with a vast amount of research and lots and lots of fiddling I managed to almost get it the way I like, including dealing with all that—as we’ve not so affectionately termed it—website “garbledy garble” (aka html). I admittedly had to send out a plea for help for some of it, but still… I managed to figure most of it out all by my onesie.
Anyway... this has turned into a long list just to say that this has made me realize: I can do things! Hooray! I am making progress, I just don’t notice because I’m in the middle of it.  And yes, the system would be 10 times as effective with a little revamp/simplifying, but at least it’s hobbling along. Eventually, I will write my novels one word at a time, I will meet my neighbors one cakeball at a time, I will become a crafty person one craft at a time, etc, etc. Just because it is slow progress, doesn’t mean it isn’t progress.


Lauren said...

Good for you! Keep up the good work! It's funny how many things we have in common. The more I read your blog the more I realize it. I too am stuck on the list of a million and one life altering goals. But hey, at least we're motivated to improve ourselves, right? :) It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one.

Connie said...

Way to go, Haley girl! You are doing GREAT and I just admire and love the heck right outa ya! Thanks for taking care of our boys and being such a little rockstar/megawoman at every step along the way. What a blessing you are, sweet Haley!!! We love you so much!

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